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The University of Wisconsin-Madison is proud to present the WR-211


powertrain chassis electrical composites


210 car render

















Overall Length, Width, Height, Wheelbase
2663mm long, 1346mm wide, 1157mm high, 1537 mm (60 in)

Track Width Front - 1194mm Rear - 1168mm
Weight with 68kg driver Front - 102kg Rear - 122kg



The WR-211 is poised to be the best entry yet for the University of Wisconsin. The car is the lightest and has the lowest center of gravity of any in team history. For the third consecutive year, the car has been outfitted with an impressively powerful, turbocharged single-cylinder engine package generating a final power-to-weight ratio of .240 hp/lbf without a driver. This figure will place it in the top 5 of teams worldwide. Throughout the month of April, the car will be tested and tuned. May 11th-14th at Michigan International Speedway, the WR-211 will compete for the Formula SAE World Championship.