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Manufacture / Model KTM 525 XC
Bore / Stroke / Cylinders / Displacement 100 mm bore / 72 mm stroke / 1 cylinder / 565 cc
Compression ratio 10.4:1
Induction (natural or forced, intercooled) Wategate controlled IHI turbocharger
Throttle Body / Mechanism 40 mm, Butterfly actuation
Fuel Type E-85 ethanol
Max Power design RPM 7600
Max Torque design RPM 6000
Min RPM for 80% max torque 5000
Fuel System (manf'r, and type) Student designed and built, dual fuel injection, Bosch 5 deg offset pencil injectors, sequential
Fuel System Sensors (used in fuel mapping) Air Temp, Coolant Temp, Throttle Pos, Crank Pos, Manifold Air Pressure, Wideband Oxygen
Fuel Pressure 3.5 bar
Injector location Housed in custom aluminum boot, targeting intake valves, 117.8mm away from intake valve
Intake Plenum volume and runner length(s) 1400 cc, 177.3 mm length
Exhaust header design 2-1 unequal length, 31.8mm primaries, 16 AWG CNC bent
Effective Exhaust runner length 396mm
Ignition System Mototron coil / NGK DCPR8EIX plug
Ignition Timing 3-D map, 9000 RPM wide open throttle, 29 deg BTDC max advance
Oiling System (wet/dry sump, mods) internal dry sump, 2 filters / 1 pressure pump / 1 scavenge pump, Turbo in series with engine oiling
Coolant System and Radiator location Dual sidepod mounted radiators, dual pass, fanned, 18.1 kW heat rejection
Fuel Tank Location, Type Floor mounted between driver seat and firewall, anodized aluminum tank with trap doors
Muffler Riveted steel endcaps, aluminum housing, perforated core and fiberglass packing
Other significant engine modifications Wet-liner ductile cast iron sleeve, Stainless steel valves and springs, Ampco 45 valve seats and guides, Wiseco brand forged piston

Drive Type D.I.D. 520 ERV3 X-Ring Gold Chain
Differential Type Drexler Motorsport Formula Student 2008-9, Limited slip, Clutch Type, 10 Nm preload, 1.4 bias ratio
Final Drive Ratio 2.28
Vehicle Speed @ max power (design) rpm
1st gear 36 mph
2nd gear 46 mph
3rd gear 57 mph
4th gear 67 mph
5th gear 79 mph
6th gear N/A
Half shaft size and material 17mm OD solid 300m steel Heat treated to Rc 60, and shot peened
Joint type GKN plunging Tripod inner, GKN Fixed CV Joint outer