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powertrain chassis electrical composites

210 car render
















Overall Length, Width, Height, Wheelbase
2558mm long, 1372mm wide, 1080mm high, 1524 mm (60 in)

Track Width Front - 1194mm Rear - 1168mm
Weight with 68kg driver Front - 119kg Rear - 140kg

The lessons learned from the 209 went to good use on the 210. The turbocharged engine was strengthened and refined to produce 82 hp and 55 ft-lb of torque, and increase of 17 and 13 respectively. A revised suspension better suited to the lightweight cars and a much stiffer chassis greatly improved the performance of the car. Unfortunately, the dreaded $0.10 parts plagued the team at both Formula SAE Michigan and Formula Student Germany. The team struggled to a 14th place finish in Michigan when the shifting broke, and an exhaust failure caused a DNF in endurance in Germany.